How The Tooth Jeweler Started

It all started with a birthday trip to Los Angeles in 2017. I got my make up done by an artist that had a gold playboy bunny tooth gem. I was so amazed by it, so I asked her where she got it done, she responded “Tooth Kandy.”

I was so determined to get a gem by Tooth Kandy that I took a one hour trip via uber to Compton. When I came back to Atlanta a lot of people were inquiring about it, but I didn’t have anyone to refer them to so I called the owner at Tooth Kandy. 

She told me she teaches classes, so I flew back to LA and got certified. I’ve been in business for 7 years and now I teach classes to give others the opportunity to become certified tooth gem technicians.

Begin Your Tooth Technician Journey
  • Tooth Gems

    Precious jewels that are bonded to your teeth to add bling to your your smile.

  • Teeth Whitening

    Ultra Led lighting to get rid of stains on the enamel to create a white, bright smile.

  • Hyaluron lip fillers

    Needle-less lip fillers that pumps hyaluron solution into lips to plump, and give lips extra volume.

  • Permanent Jewlery

    Permanent jewelry that lasts for weeks, months, years - As long as you want. Does not tarnish.